Our systems allow for extensive reporting and monitoring.

We’re in the cloud

Our reservation system never has any down time. Our staff can log in anytime, anywhere. We can provide you with 24-hour assistance.

Our Special Drivers’ App

The driver always has access to real-time bookings. Passenger profiles and statuses are updated in real-time on the reservation system as they sign in.

Vehicle Tablets

All Aqua fleet have Vehicle Tablets to allow drivers access to their real-time Driver App, conduct meet and greets, check on flight status, SMS passengers and remain in contact with the office via WhatsApp text and video call.

Online Booking Tools

Aqua is currently bookable on Travel IT and Groundscope UK. We are finalizing our own online booking tool that will allow our clients to confirm their bookings with us in an easy and convenient way.

Geotab Fleet Management System with Front and In-Cabin Camera integration

Geotab is an advanced tracking and fleet management solution that helps us better manage our drivers and vehicles by allowing us to extract accurate and actionable data from real-time and historical trips data. The front and in-cabin cameras allow us to monitor driver and passenger safety and to identify driver training needs ensuring that you always get the Aqua experience.